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160 Hours on-demand training

50 hours projects

2 projects (Industrial projects)

20 hours pre-placement program

Certificate of completion

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Our Certifications

After the completion of your course under our trainers, you will be provided with a total of three certifications which includes- NACTET which has affiliation over 100 and more countries, a certificate of completion and an internship certificate.

Flutter Internship Certificate
Flutter Internship Completion Certificate
Flutter NACTET Certificate

Mobile Application Development In Flutter with back-end API creation

The present world would come to a standstill when if smartphones and other mobile devices are not accessed for at least a few minutes of your daily life. So, are the applications that run on these devices. With these web applications, you could get to about the count of calories that you had burnt, watch movies, learn languages, do secure online banking and whatnot. Therefore, applications are an unavoidable aspect of its very purpose. And writing such software applications is a crucial factor for mobile, just like every other device. Such a process is known as Mobile Application Development.

Mobile app developers have got a large opportunity coming their way like never before. So the demand for this highly skilled labour will be resulting in highly paid job openings. Besides huge IT firms, various other small start-ups are more concentrated on developing mobile applications that are to be used on mobile fronts only. So, it is high time to learn them to strive in this field like never before.

Flutter is one such framework for mobile application development. With such already existing frameworks, you will not be required to yet another code to accelerate your development of a mobile application, as it is reusable. It can also be utilised for web platforms and desktops. A speedy development cycle is enabled by using a reload methodology. Furthermore, low-level rendering support is enabled by Flutter, as it has a C++-based engine.

Among machines and servers, communication is done by an app called the backend. With the hassle-free cloud infrastructure management could be achieved, when they are used as a service. This cloud model would aid developers to automate backend development. When using them, users could scale them, so they would not be requiring need to perform any sort of hosting or other maintenance.

What are the skills that you will get to learn?

When it is learnt as a course of study you will be learning about developing, evaluating and enhancing mobile applications, building and designing the user interface of the app, writing respective codes for specific OS, and addressing any complications of the apps (if any) and also outsourcing the best outcome to the customers.

Who should take the course?

Any graduates who have got a technical background or at least a Diploma course in Computer Science may choose to learn this Mobile Application Development course. Some efficient students could also learn them with this minimum qualification. Therefore, knowledge of these programming languages and concepts is not a mandatory skill for the students, yet, it would prove to be beneficial for students with a technical background. Professionals who are dealing with backend computing could also enrol for this course.

How much salary you could make after learning this course?

As you are mastering one of the top-notch courses in the industry, you will be paid high-end salaries that would range from 3 lakh to 5 lakh per year. Your remuneration could be increased as your experience in the job increases. Then as per your skills, you could work in other countries, as a mobile application developer is one of the most demanding career opportunities in IT. Then obviously, you could earn more money as your take-home salary.

Why you should opt for Techolas to enrol for this course?

We, at Techolas, are providing you with this course with a job-oriented syllabus for you to learn right from the basics of mobile app development. With the finest faculties to train you, you will get to learn diverse possibilities of this course. And on completing all your terms in the institute, we will be making sure that you are getting placed in any of those top IT companies and earning high salaries


Module 1

Understanding why Flutter is a revolutionary Mobile Development cross platform Framework.

rightload Course’s Source Code

Get Source Code for The Course Projects

Set up your MAC / Window Users to start developing Flutter Apps

Started Learning the basic of Dart Programming Language

Module 2

Dart Fundamentals

Teaching How to Construct Classes and Object in Dart

Learn The Concepts such as interface & AbstractClasses

Learn Advance OOP Dart Concepts.

Module 3

Started Learning about Data Structure & Maps & Lists in Dart.

Flutter Fundamentals

Getting Started with Flutter Basics & understanding Material Design & Flutter Widgets

Module 4

Learn All Stateful & Stateless widgets in Flutter. Module

Learn More About Flutter widgets

Navigation & Build a Full Movie App: Learn how to navigate to different routes/screens and passing data between them

Learn How to theme your Flutter App