Business Analytics Course

Choosing the right Technology will ensure a secure and futuristic career. Learn Business Analyst Course in Calicut and kochi. Learn in Online and offline mode, Get Certified from Best Business Analyst Training Institute.IT does not demanding coding passion always, here you have choices and we could help you to get the awareness.

120 Hours on-demand training

50 hours projects

2 projects (Industrial projects)

20 hours pre-placement program

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Our Certifications

After the completion of your course under our trainers, you will be provided with a total of three certifications which includes- NACTET which has affiliation over 100 and more countries, a certificate of completion and an internship certificate.

Business Analytics Internship Certificate
Business Analytics Completion Certificate
Business Analytics NACTET Certificate

Business Analytics

Businesses could be enhanced by acquiring novel insights and making strategic decisions. Moreover, for the very purpose of analysing historical data of a company, certain technologies and statistical methods are used. Such a procedure employed by different firms is addressed as Business Analytics. For attaining those specific methodologies made use of like statistical analysis, data mining and predictive analytics. Creating valuable information, once analysing and converting data, studying business trends and then finally, making data-driven business decisions are considered the objective of Business Analytics.

The day-to-day application of Business Analytics is tracking any players spending in a casino, managing and operations of clinical information systems in the healthcare industry and streamlining fast-food restaurants. It could also be used for gaming, Recommender system, Fraud detection, Image recognition, price comparison and Speech recognition. Currently, it is not only big corporations that are relying on data science to produce insights by decoding data and unearthing the data patterns, but also the governments and entrepreneurs. The desired solutions to most of the business problems are provided by these insights, aiding to improve efficiency. Moreover, it would offer you an idea of the decision-making process in business.

Apart from Business Analyst, you could strive to work as Operation Manager, Business Development Executive, Project Manager and Area Sales Manager. Candidates who are keen on business decision-making may choose to opt for this subject for their safe and bright future. With appropriate business analytics, better decisions would be taken, resulting in growth-oriented insights. If you really want to anticipate corporate success and failure and make a profession out of it, you're cut out for business analytics!

The following queries and their solutions could help you to make your decision firm, that would let you know why you are choosing them, the topics that will be covered, how much you could earn and finally why you need to study them at Techolas.

What would be the major topics that would be covered in this course?

Now that you had decided to learn this course, you need to about the portions that will be covered in the entire module. They are Marketing Analytics, Data Mining, Operations Analytics, HR Analytics, Soft commuting, Financial Modelling, Advanced Marketing Research, Survey Sampling, Data Mining and several others.

Who should sign up for this course?

Either Science or Commerce graduates, who are curious to learn about the working of business as per certain trends could enrol this course here in No. 1 Business Analytics Training Center. Their strong background in Statistics and Mathematics will prove to be helpful when pursuing this course. Furthermore, other technical skills that are requisite for Business Analysts are Python coding, business or strategy acumen, profound knowledge of language R, Mathematics Expertise and MS Excel.

How much income could you make after you started learning it?

As the demands for business analysts and data science have increased, this industry is growing at a rapid pace. Therefore, there is no dearth of such highly paid openings or varied placements. As per the reviews of the popular job portal, an abled business analyst could earn around Rs 750000 a year, as their salary. Further, as get more experience in this ever-flourishing field, you will be paid more after each passing year.

Why should you pursue Business Analytics in Techolas?

Since we closely analyze the recent trends in the market, we accurately know what the industry demands. After curating the updated syllabus, and teaching our candidates by our expert faculties, we ensure that they are placed in deserving positions at major companies. Over and above, Techolas is the name that you can trust as we guarantee to mould average students to expertise in Business Analytics and earn great salaries.


Module 1



Variation Sources

Control and Specification Limits

Central tendency and dispersion


Probability Distributions

Sampling Distribution

Confidence interval estimation

Hypothesis testing


Randomize Block design

Post hoc analysis

Two-way ANOVA


Agile methodologies


Tableau Intro

Installation of Tableau

Creating charts in Tableau

Filters in Tableau

Creating calculated field

Applying Analytics to the worksheet

Dashboard in Tableau

Tableau mini project

Excel introduction

Excel sheet overview

Cleaning Data in excel


Pivot Tables

Conditional Formatting


Excel project

Power BI Introduction

Desktop layout overview

Importing datasets in Powerbi

Creating and formatting charts in Powerbi

Dax calculated field



Creating dashboards in Powerbi