Blockchain Technology

Choosing the right Technology will ensure a secure and futuristic career. IT does not demanding coding passion always, here you have choices and we could help you to get the awareness.

400 Hours on-demand training

50 hours projects

2 projects (Industrial projects)

20 hours pre-placement program

Certificate of completion

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Our Certifications

After the completion of your course under our trainers, you will be provided with a total of three certifications which includes- NACTET which has affiliation over 100 and more countries, a certificate of completion and an internship certificate.

Blockchain Internship Certificate
Blockchain Completion Certificate
Software Testing NACTET Certificate

Blockchain Technology Training

When doing business, it is obvious to have chunks of data that need to be saved securely. In such situations, you will be compelled to get the help of a strong networking system. This significant process is known to be Blockchain technology. It is basically a ledger of transactions, which is distributed and duplicated across the network of computers in such a way that no hacking or cheating or illicit alteration is done. It is merely the digital signature of the owner who authenticates the transactions of the ledgers and safeguards them from any sort of intrusion. Furthermore, when the decentralised database is handled by various participants, it is considered Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).

Lately, this blockchain technology had attained prominence the fact that it would try to make the long transactional process shorter. Otherwise, the information comprising the record-keeping of data and transactions is passed through a third-party system, delaying your time and making it more expensive. However, when you have got Blockchain technology, you do not have to worry about it, as it conducts fraud-free transactions. When talking about the applications of this technology, the major and the significant one is the storing of the information related to monetary transactions with the help of Cryptocurrencies, product tracking of food and several others. Furthermore, Bitcoin could be considered the prime application of Blockchain, as it had aided several users through financial services.

One must admit the fact that Blockchain technology is advancing in every aspect. It would be adequate for varied industries such as supply-chain, education, finance, healthcare or manufacturing. The course in Blockchain Technology will aid you to develop the critical skills that are required to future-proof your career. So it offers varied job paths and provides a golden chance to work with cutting-edge technology for innovative projects.

Portions that will be covered in this course

What could be the job opportunities of Blockchain Technology?

Those who had completed training in Blockchain Technology could choose from any of the many job positions open in this diverse field. It could be a Blockchain UX designer, Blockchain developer, Smart contract developer, Blockchain project manager, Blockchain legal consultant, Blockchain solution architect or Blockchain quality Engineer.

Who should enrol for this course?

These courses are meant for students who had taken graduation in any subjects. So you do not necessarily need to have coding or programming skills to enrol for this course. Participants without any technical background could also go for Blockchain Technology Training. Furthermore, for those who have a keen interest in investing in cryptocurrencies, your knowledge in this technical course would be advantageous.

What could your salary package be like?

Ever since there had been a boom in the IT industry. And the demand for Blockchain professionals is on a rise. Moreover, the job openings in the field are also skyrocketing. So, there experience a dearth of skilled and talented blockchain engineers and blockchain developers. Once you had learned this craft, you could make around Rs.500000 to Rs.800000 per annum as Blockchain professional.

Why do you need to prefer Techolas?

We are well-versed in current IT industry trends and have meticulously crafted the course content. You could master many aspects of Blockchain and bitcoin with Techolas. A large number of our alumni are working in huge MNCs in high-paying blockchain professions. Our o faculties would ensure that students with no skills and experience are moulded into highly competent professionals.


Module 1 : Introduction to Blockchain.

How Does Our Current Financial system work?

What can be the possible solution?

What is a distributed system?

Module 2 : How Does Blockchain Work.

Evolution of Blockchain.

Properties of Blockchain

Module 3 : Cryptocurrency & Block Chain

What is inside a block.

Programmable Money.

Hash Function & Merkle Tree.

Components of Blockchain Ecosystem.

Types of Blockchain.

Blockchain Platforms.

Anonymity and Pseudonymity in Cryptocurrency.

Module 4 : Introduction to Ethereum

What is Ethereum.

Introducing smart contracts

Cryptocurrency in Ethereum.

Mining in Ethereum.

Ethereum programming language.

Components for development of Ethereum DApps

Editors & tools.

Frontend Development.

Ethereum Test Networks.

ERC Tokens.

Module 5 : Basic Solidity

Introducing Solidity.

Sample Code

Layout of Source File

Structure of a Contract

State Variable

Functions Type

Reference Type.


Special Variables and Functions

Expressions and Control Structures.

Function Calls.

Error Handling

Module 6 : Advance Solidity

State Modifiers.




Importing Smart Contracts.

Events and logging.

Error Handling and Exceptions.

Common Pitfalls.

Gas limit and loops

Sending and Receiving Ether


Contract ABI.

Module 7 : Developing A DApp Using Truffle

Developing a DApp.

Compile and Deploy the smart Contract

Publish the DApp.

Connecting to DApp.

Ganache Output for Transaction Migration.

MODULE 8 : Hyperledger

Introducing to Hyperledger.

Hyperledger architecture.


Hyperledger API and Application Model.

Network Topology.

Exploring Hyperledger frameworks.

Business Network Deployment on Hyperledger Composer Playground.

MODULE 9: Setting Up Development Environment Using Hyperledger Composer.

Setting Up Development Environment Using Composer.

Developing Business Networks.

Testing Business Networks

Introducing to Hyperledger Fabric.

Hyperledger Fabric Model.

Various Ways to create Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain Network.